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Modified bitumen flat roofs have revolutionized the roofing industry, providing a durable and reliable solution for commercial and residential buildings. This advanced roofing system combines the flexibility of traditional bitumen with modern technology, resulting in a superior product that offers long-lasting protection against the elements.

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Features of Modified Bitumen Flat Roofs

Modified bitumen roofs are composed of a blend of bitumen, which is a sticky, black, and viscous substance derived from petroleum, and a variety of modifiers such as APP (atactic polypropylene) or SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene). These modifiers enhance the properties of the bitumen, making it more flexible, resistant to temperature extremes, and durable.

One of the key features of modified bitumen flat roofs is their ability to withstand a wide range of weather conditions. They offer excellent UV resistance, preventing degradation and extending the lifespan of the roof. Additionally, they exhibit exceptional tensile strength, allowing them to withstand high winds and heavy loads. This makes them ideal for areas prone to severe weather conditions.

Benefits of Modified Bitumen Flat Roofs



Modified bitumen roofs have a long lifespan, typically ranging from 20 to 30 years, depending on maintenance and climate factors. They are designed to withstand the stresses of thermal expansion and contraction, making them highly resistant to cracking and splitting.



The addition of modifiers to the bitumen provides enhanced flexibility, enabling the roof to expand and contract without damage. This flexibility is especially important in regions with significant temperature fluctuations.


Easy Maintenance:

Modified bitumen roofs require minimal maintenance. Regular inspections, cleaning of debris, and prompt repair of any damages are usually sufficient to keep the roof in excellent condition.

Installation Process

The installation process for modified bitumen flat roofs involves several steps:

Surface Preparation:

The existing roof surface is thoroughly cleaned, removing any dirt, debris, or loose materials. Repairs are made to the substrate if necessary to ensure a stable base for the new roof.

Application of Base Sheet:

A base sheet is installed over the prepared surface using an adhesive or by torching. This layer provides a smooth and consistent surface for subsequent layers.

Addition of Modified Bitumen Membrane:

The modified bitumen membrane, either in rolls or sheets, is applied over the base sheet. The membrane is adhered using heat or adhesives, ensuring proper bonding.

Sealing and Flashing:

Flashing is installed around roof penetrations, edges, and corners to provide additional protection against water infiltration. Seams and joints are sealed to create a watertight barrier.

Final Surface Treatment:

Depending on the specific product, a final surface treatment may be applied. This could include a reflective coating or granules for added protection and aesthetics.

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Modified bitumen flat roofs offer a reliable, durable, and energy-efficient solution for buildings of various sizes and types. Their advanced composition and installation techniques make them an ideal choice for climates with extreme temperatures and severe weather conditions. With proper maintenance, these roofs can provide long-lasting protection for decades. Whether for commercial or residential applications. Do you need a quote from our team at Sustainable Living Builders? Contact us today!

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Modified Bitumen Flat Roofs